Which of these do you think has the biggest slope A or B?



Why would you say that?

 Can you explain using the words rise and run?

The answer is that 

The slope of A is greatest because the Rise/Run of A is bigger than the Rise/Run of B.  

    A.          B.

Which slope is Positive A or B?

The answer is 

Which cyclist needs to make the most effort?  A requires more effort than a level road  ==>A is positive 

B requires less effort than a level road ==> B is negative.



The slope is measured by comparing how much the rise in the road for example over the distance it takes for the rise.

The example shows a rise from 1 to 4 which is (4-1) =3.       Rise=3

The run is from 1 to 4 also so it is (4-1)=3 as well.          Run=3

Slope = Rise/Run = 3/3 = 1

In general the formula for the slope can be given by