Teacher Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to suggest ways of using this package in class. 

1. Plotting Lesson

Describe briefly how to plot points on an Argand diagram and then allow the students to begin using the web site.  Observe the students performing the plotting task.  Allow the students to do the exercise until you feel they are very comfortable with it.

Hand out Worksheet 1 and allow the students to perform the Fun Exercise

2. Midpoint Lesson

Hand out the Formulae page.

The midpoint section should be used to reinforce classroom instruction.  All the exercises use a random number generator so that students will get different exercises.  Again the teacher should observe the students while they complete the task.  A score of 10 is suggested as evidence that the student has mastered the task but the teacher is probably a better judge.  

3. Distance Lesson

The distance section explains Pythagoras theorem and allows the student to practice recognising the sides of a right angled triangle (Adjacent, hypoteneuse and opposite).  The lesson continues with a guide to calculating the distance and is followed by a series of random questions as before. 

4. Slope Lesson    5. Area Lesson, 

The slope and area sections allow the students to visualise and understand the terms more.  The lesson finishes with a series of questions on area and questions on slope.

6. Equation Lesson  7. Intersection Lesson

The  equation and  intersections provide a worked example initially.  This is followed by example questions with hints and full solutions.  

Past Papers

This allows the students to see examples of questions from Past Papers and gives hints on how they are done.  The full worked examples are available when the student is ready for them.


The quiz is based on the entire section and includes some details that have not been covered.  The new details are embedded into the question to allow the students to work out links for themselves.


Another part of this web site that is being developed but not yet ready is stored at www.teachnet.ie/mmorgan/mouseex.htm