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This site was created to make the life of a maths teacher a little easier. This site is to show teachers how to use Excel to assist in the teaching of mathematics. The site is example driven, using questions (as far as possible) from the past examination papers. Before you can make real use of this site please read this page to completion which explains some of the important features of Excel that will be used throughout the web site.

In the downloads section all the graphs on the examination papers to date are included in both pfd and Excel format for downloading and printing.

Text is red gives an alternative way of doing something, using the menus at the top.

Tip: If you print to overhead projector film, and are using the graph to illustrate other parts of the question, place a blank overhead over the graph overhead which you can then write on with markers to illustrate roots, points of intersection etc. This will preserve your perfect graph for future use!

Some points about Excel before you start.

Click on one of the tutorial links above to get started.
(You may not need a tutorial, if so click on the topic you wish to cover.)