The Age of the Machine - Task

In groups of three your task is to find out about the Industrial Revolution. Each member of the group must take on a role and fulfill the task assigned to them. Finally you must all work together to complete the group task.

The roles are:

1. Chief Executive of the National Archives.

Your role is to research the various inventions that made Britain famous. You must pick the invention you feel was most significant during the Industrial Revolution and write a letter to the Friends of the National Archives describing how the invention works and why you choose it above the other inventions.

Click on the inventor below to check out those inventions!

inventor link to task 1

2. Commissioner for Queen Victoria.

You have been especially appointed by Queen Victoria to investigate the prevalence of child labour during the Industrial Revolution. You must explore the different types of child labour and the houses such children lived in and compile your findings in a report for the Queen.

Queen Victoria link to task 2 Click on the photo to find out more!

3. Lord Shaftesbury

Congratulations Lord Shaftesbury - you are to be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Contribution to Children Award Ceremony! You must write your acceptance speech outlining your achievements and the difference you made to many of the poor children during the Industrial Revolution.

Click on the award trophy to find out more! man with trophy link to task 3


Finally your group assignment - create two still images - one of life in a factory and one in an inventor's workshop during the Industrial Revolution.

comedy and tragedy masks



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