The Age of the Machine - Conclusion


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The Industrial Revolution was a very exciting time all over the world. Many new inventions were created, from the Steam Engine to the Elevator! Britain during that time has been called "The Workshop of the World" - can you guess why?

However, as you have discovered during this Webquest, life during the Industrial Revolution was very difficult for the poor, especially the children. Children as young as four and five had to work long hours in the factories and mines for very little pay.

Luckily people like Lord Shaftesbury saw that this was wrong and introduced laws to stop child labour. Dr. Barnardo was another kind man that helped children, especially homeless children. The charity for children Barnardos was called after him and they still work very hard to help child today. If your teacher thinks its a good idea, maybe you could look at some websites about Dr. Barnardo.


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