Civic, Social and Political Education


This grid can be printed out and is easy to keep track of the activities students have completed. Just click Student Grid
(1) Picture Quiz
This is generated randomly and will be a different quiz for all students
(2) Scrambled Sentences
Famous Quotes all jumbled up
(4) Date of Birth
This program will return information about the day you were born
(5) Guess the number Think of a number answer a few questions and the computer tells you what it is (6) Name the Activist
Picture quiz based on Mahjong
(7) Who wants to be a millionaire
This game is customized legally from a game created by another author

(8) Dots game
Game to develop students logic

(9) Timezone
What time is it in some of the other countries in the world.
(10) Typing test
Test your typing speed and accuracy