Addition, Subtraction

When adding or subtracting complex numbers, we add the real to the real part and imaginary to the imaginary part.
e.g Z1=2+3i fgdhthgZ2=3+4iffhtfhfdsjZ1+Z2=(2+3)+(3i+4i)= 5 + 7i/

Multiplying by a number (Scalar)

This is done in exactly the same way as normal

e.g Z1=2+3i fgd What is 3Z1? 3(2+3i) = 6+9i

Sample Exercise

If Z1=2+3i fgdhthgZ2=3+4iffhthen what is 3Z1+2Z2?

Step 1 Write out fully hgfhgsuiguihu3(2+3i)+2(3+4i)

Step 2 Multiply it out hgfhgsuiguihu6+9i+6+8i

Solution hgyufuyfufuffhgffdhdgs12+17i                                                                             Exercise