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  Set up an e-mail account    

To send or recieve electronic mail messages, you need an e-mail program and an internet connection. The easiest way to start is to use the e-mail software that is supplied with your web browser (Microsoft or Netscape). When you sign up with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) you will be asked to choose an e-mail address that will be unique to you. If your name has been assigned to someone else then the ISP will suggest an alternative address for example Mary44@indigo.ie

At school your teacher may assign you an e-mail address, example mwalsh@stanns.ie

You can choose to have more than one e-mail address. Many major sites now offer visitors a free e-mail address. This is a great way of separating school and personal messages. they are also handy if you are moving around a lot for example if you are in a residential school and travelling home at weekends. the drawback is that the websites can be slow. All of the following offer similar service







You will need a username and a password when you register for an e-mail account. You will need to decide on the username that you wish to have and a password that allows only you access to your e-mails.

You can also chat to your friends using 'instant messaging'. Instant messaging is like using a textphone or a minicom - you take it in turn to type your conversations. You need special software for instant messaging, which can be downloaded free from the internet.

Pupil Tasks

   Set up a free personal e-mail account with

Remember to record your new username and password and keep them in a secure place.


  Download Instant messaging software from one of the following websites

Experiment with instant messaging with a classmate.


Pupil Projects


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