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   Send or receive an SMS   

How you send and recieve messages may vary from handset to handset but most phones follow similar patterns.

To send SMS message

Key Number

Key letters

Other key symbols


ABC or abc

2 à ä å æ ç

A note will appear on your screen when the text message centre receives your message. The message will immediately be sent to the target number.

If it can't get through straight away, the text message centre will keep trying for one hour to seven days, depending on your phone.

If yout text message centre is programmed incorrectly a message will appear saying message not sent.


To read SMS message

When you recieve a message, you will be notified by a text message an '1 New Message' will be displayed on your screen along with an envelope symbol. The envelope will remain until you read and erase the message.

Deaf users usually set the phone to vibrate when a call or text message is received. The vibrate alert on/off option is within the 'Tones' option in the main menu.

When you have been notified of a new message, follow these simple steps

You should erase all old messages as there is a limited number of text messages (usually 25) that can be stored on your phone.


Pupil Tasks

Practice sending text messages to your classmates. The more you practice the easier it will become.


Try sending a text message to a mobile phone from a personal computer (PC) with internet connection, using the facilities of the vodafone website using Webtext. This can be handy if you have internet access. You can key your mesage much faster using the computer keyboard as opposed to the mobile phone keyboard.

You must first register on the Vodafone.ie website.

Pupil Projects


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