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   Prepare and send a Fax   

During 1997, British Teleccom (BT), the National Council for Educational Technology (NCET) in the UK and the Deafax Trust launched the “Fax Buddies” project to evaluate the uses and benefits of the fax machine for deaf children. 150 children were linked to adult employees at BT and NCET, so that following training from Deafax, the children were able to fax their buddies at least once a week. Benefits so far include increased pupil motivation and confidence as well as improved literacy and social skills. Click on the following link to read more about the Fax Buddies Project.

It can be difficult to explain what the fax is used for and how it works. The best way forward is perhaps to set up a fax buddies project from one classroom or group to another. You become more skilled through practice and by example. Once you feel you had enough practice perhaps you could try the following tasks. Click on the following link for instructions on sending a fax.


Pupil Tasks

Contact the Deafchild International website and seek more information on their fax buddies project. You can eitherfax them at ++44 (0)118 9260258

or send them an e-mail to team@deafchild.org

You could also consider partaking in their fax buddies project or alternatively set up your own project within your school or community.

Pupil Projects


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