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Web Resources applicable to Deafness

Audiological Terms
A glossary of some common audiological terms.

A user's guide to hearing aids
This is a good fact sheet on hearing aids. It is provided by the Royal National Institute of the Deaf, UK.

Childnet International
A charity promoting literacy and communication for Deaf people using ICT.

This website details information on how to read an audiogram. It has good illustrations.

How your ears work
This is a useful fact sheet explaining the structure and function of the ear.

Irish Deaf Society
The Irish Deaf Society exists to ensure that Deaf people using Irish Sign Language have the same rights and entitlement as any other citizens.

National Association for Deaf People-Ireland
NAD has campaigned for full equality in all aspects of life for deaf and hearing-impaired people, and for parents of deaf children to have all the supports and services for their children.

National Deaf Children's Society
All its contents are related to children and deafness in the UK. There's a 'Kid's Club' that you can join.

Royal Association in Aid of Deaf People (Charity)
This is a resource site with information and links to other organisations. This site has a 'deaf culture quiz'.

Royal National Institute for Deaf People
RNID provides a range of services for deaf and hard of hearing people and the professionals who work with them. They provide valuable information fact sheets. RNID's factsheets can be downloaded from their website at www.rnid.org.uk. Alternatively you can e-mail on informationline@rnid.org.uk.

The official website for Irish primary and post-primary schools. Scoilnet has a section devoted to deafness within the Special Needs category.

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