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   Learn about Fax   

Fax is a method of sending images (text and pictures) by telecommunications link. Most fax transmissions are via the normal telophone network.

Fax machines can send and recieve handwritten notes, drawings, diagrams, photographs or printed text from one fax machine to another, anywhere in the world. The fax is sent quickly along the telephone wire.

You can also send a fax from a computer to a fax machine and vice versa, if you have a fax modem and a special piece of fax software (eg. Delrina Winfax).

Many deaf people use fax machines regularly to communicate. As well as a tool for communication, the fax is a very useful tool for improving literacy skills. To read more about the benefits of the fax to deaf students, click on the following link. Assessing the benefits of the fax for deaf students

Fax machines range in price from about €120 to €330 depending on the features they offer.

Pupil Tasks

   Visit the Royal National Institute of the Deaf (RNID) website and read “Fax Machines - a guide for deaf and hard of hearing people”. It is written for deaf and hard of hearing people who would like to find out more about fax machines. It offers good advice on the general features of fax machines and on choosing a fax machine if you are deaf or hard of hearing. The guide can be printed in pdf format by clicking on the printer symbol to the right of the document. RNID Fax factsheet


   Locate the fax machines section of the Argos catalogue or any other mail order catalogue of your choice. Discuss the features of each fax machine with your classmates and select the machine that would suit your own personal needs at home.

Pupil Projects



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