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   Create a personal Fax cover     


Most organisations and many individuals have their own personalised stationary for the purposes of sending a fax. This form is known as a fax transmittal form or a fax cover. Most fax covers contain the following information



Your name

Recipient name

Your address

Recipient address

Your phone number

Recipient phone number

Your fax number

Recipient fax number

Your e-mail

Recipient e-mail



Date sent


Time sent

For review

No. of pages incl. cover page

Please comment


Please reply


The message is usually handwritten or typed below this information. Most fax covers also include the company logo or the school crest. Click on this site for more information on using Microsoft Publisher to create a fax cover. http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_description/0,fid,3852,00.asp

Pupil Task

  Design you own personal fax cover or design a fax cover for your school. You can design your own logo or use the school crest. The logo or school crest can be scanned into the computer. Your teacher will show you how to do this. Alternatively you can use a piece of clipart as your logo. Free clip art is available from Clip Art Connection.

You can design your fax cover using your word processor or using a desktop publishing package such as Microsoft Publisher. Microsoft Publisher 2000 has approximately twenty different fax cover designs in the business forms section of the wizard programme.

Save and print the fax cover. You will use this fax cover in the next section Prepare and send a fax

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