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  State examination papers - Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA)


   Exercise 1 Microsoft Excel Window Layout Click HERE to download

   Exercise 2 Three Types of Data Click HERE to download

   Spreadsheet Assignments - directly related to the LCA ICT module


 (1)  Spreadsheet Quizzes This is a collection of spreadsheet quizzes designed to test your knowledge and understanding of spreadsheets.
       Each quiz will be progressively more difficult than the previous one.

 (2) Multiplechoice Quiz Eight multiple choice questions to revise and reinforce your knowledge of spreadsheets.

 (3) Name the Parts of a Spreadsheet A worksheet that requires you to label the parts of a Spreadsheet.

 (4) MSExcel Quiz - The Basics An online quiz to test you knowledge of the basics of Excel.

 (5) Spreadsheet Vocabulary - matching exercise

 (6) Spreadsheet Crossword Puzzle

 (7) Spreadsheet questions

 (8) Spreadsheet Quiz

 (9) Spreadsheets in the Classroom


      Leaving Certificate Applied - ICT Examination Papers The Exam Material Archive of the State Examinations Commission.

      2004 Examination Paper (PDF)
      2004 Marking Scheme

      2003 Examination Paper (PDF)
      2003 Marking Scheme
      Not available

      2002 Examination Paper (PDF)
      2002 Marking Scheme
      Not available

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Teacher Guidelines

Examples of Spreadsheets