What does a spreadsheet look like?

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Examples of Spreadsheets

The screen is divided into a series of rows and columns.
The rows are numbered down the left-hand side.
The columns are lettered across the top.
The point where the row and column meet is called the cell. Each cell has a reference number e.g. B2, E5, C8.

The Spreadsheet

COLUMNS represented by letters
The Excel worksheet contains 256 columns that extend across the worksheet, lettered A through Z, AA through AZ, BA through BZ, and continuing to IA through IZ.

ROWS represented by numbers

The Excel worksheet contains 16,384 rows

CELLS where the rows and columns intersect

Only a small part of the spreadsheet screen can be seen at any one time.
The Excel Spreadsheet is called the Worksheet.

The Excel Workbook is made up of many worksheets.

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Examples of Spreadsheets