Excel Tutorial

Teacher Guidelines

Examples of Spreadsheets



Learning Outcomes

What is a spreadsheet? Background information
What does a spreadsheet look like?

Define the terms
          spreadsheet, row, column and cell

Spreadsheet data types Define the terms
         label, value and formula
Create a spreadsheet Create a spreadsheet file from given instructions
Basic speadsheet functions Enter numeric and character data in a spreadsheet
          Enter formulae to generate results, add, subtract, multiply           and divide
          Erase data from cells
          Edit cell contents
          Format column entries for currency (including Euro)
          Generate a chart
          Adjust column widths
          Save the spreadsheet
          Print the spreadsheet
          Exit from the spreadsheet using proper procedures.
Examples of spreadsheet applications The following are suitable for spreadsheets
         Cost of a Computer
         Class Planner
         Office Supplies Invoice
         Party Planner

         Expenses Account

Worksheets / Quizzes / Exam Papers

Includes a number of online interactive quizzes and worksheets.
         Some of the worksheets are in MSWord format to enable the          user to dowload them and modify them as necessary.
         Links also to the Examination papers for LCA ICT


Teacher Guidelines

Examples of Spreadsheets