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Examples of Spreadsheets

Almost Everything you Need to Know for Using Spreadsheets in the Classroom - the first section provides excellent color posters and teaching materials for beginning spreadsheet activities. Be sure to check out the Spreadsheet Diagram as a great tool for teaching the parts of a spreadsheet.

Learning Microsoft Excel
Designed to introduce you to the basic operation and functions of Microsoft Excel for Windows 5.0. Includes practice exercises to work through as well as examples for using spreadsheets in your work. You may work through the lessons in sequence, or pick the learning modules you need for a particular application.

ICT GCSE Interactive Learning
Project guides, general theory, general tips and downloads and exercises for computer applications including spreadsheets.

Spreadsheet Themes
Scroll down this page to view a wide selection of spreadsheet themes, including webquests that involve spreadsheets.

Everything you want to know about spreadsheets
Terms and Tips

Create Charts - tutorial on charts and graphs

Be creative with Excel
Be creative and use Excel in a variety of ways to enhance your curriculum.
Excel can be a tool for students to produce quality work.

Create a Graph
a graphing tool from NCES that allows students to enter data and create simple line, bar, area, and pie charts.

Brad James Tutorial - provides a basic tutorial of Excel. Specific examples may refer to Excel but most items discussed should work in other spreadsheet programs. This is a great tutorial that covers the basics of spreadsheets and beyond; it even has a quiz.

5 POWER TIPS MS EXCEL - Learn the tips and shortcuts to make working with data in Excel faster and easier.

MSExcel Skills Checklist (pdf) you could consider making your own check list.

Excel Tutorials

Teacher Guidelines

Examples of Spreadsheets