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15 key words associated with spreadsheets

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Spreadsheet: document or paper where information (data) is organized into rows and columns, usually used to work with numbers.

Row: horizontal (side by side) arrangement of cells identified by a number on the left hand side

Column: vertical (up and down) arrangement of cells identified by a letter across the top

Cell: the block formed where a column and row intersect (meet each other)

Cell address: the location of a cell on a spreadsheet. The column letter and row number of a cell (e.g. A2 or H3)

Data Entry Bar: the bar at the top of the spreadsheet used to enter data into the cell that you have chosen

Grid: a blank set-up of rows and columns in a spreadsheet for data to be entered on

Label: data entered as text, like a word or a letter

Value: data entered as numbers

Formula: a set of instructions that tells the computer to do a calculation. Formulas are equations that calculate a result from existing values or numbers, already entered into the spreadsheet.

Sum: the answer to an addition problem (=A6+A8)

Average: the sum divided by the total number of numbers to be added

Difference: the answer to a subtraction problem (=A6-A8)

Chart/graph: pictorial representation of data (bar chart, pie chart, trend graph)

What if...questions: One of the main uses of spreadsheets is to forecast or to predict!

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