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Worksheet 1
Laptop or Desktop ?
Word       PDF

Worksheet 2
PC or MAC ?
Word     PDF

Worksheet 3
See inside the computer
Word     PDF

Worksheet 4
Input devices
Word     PDF

Worksheet 5
Output Devices

Word     PDF

Worksheet 6
Storage Devices

Word     PDF

Worksheet 7
What Software?
Word     PDF

Worksheet 8
What Specifications?
Word     PDF

Worksheet 9
How Much?

Spreadsheet - Cost


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The worksheets
compliment each lesson. They can be viewed as WORD documents and completed using your word processing software.
Alternatively they can be viewed as PDF documents and printed for use away from the computer.

The quizzes are based on the Leaving Certificate Applied ICT Specialism course and can be completed online.

The spreadsheets are based on Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheets form part of the Leaving Certificate Applied course.

Learning Microsoft Excel - an online tutorial

Chart Wizard in MS Excel
- Learn how to draw charts and graphs

The images - learn
How to download images from websites


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