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Aims of this webquest

  1. To be used as a resource to introduce the students to the essential elements of the computer and its environment which is a section of the Leaving Certificate Applied ICT course.

  2. To suit the needs of all students. More and more special education needs (SEN) students are taking the Leaving Certificate Applied option in senior cycle. This site aims to use a multisensory approach and to simplify the language to facilitate these students.

  3. The site also aims to provide valuable links, worksheets and interactive quizzes to ICT resources for LCA students in the downloads section of the site. (Please note that all sites listed are external . The author takes no responsibility for the content displayed on these sites).

  4. To improve the students’ research skills and presentation skills.

  5. To give the students practice in expressing what they know, orally, using sign language and in writing.To use a collaborative approach to learning.

  6. To be adaptable so that each teacher can modify the project to suit the needs and abilities of each student / group of students.

It is important that each teacher adapts this project to suit the needs and abilities of each student / group of students. The teacher also decides how long the students have to research the project.


The content is based on the requirments of the Leaving Certificate Applied ICT Course.
Information on Leaving Certificate Applied is here
Click here to download the Leaving Certificate Applied ICT module - PDF (239KB)


The student will be able to:
identify the component parts of a computer system (i.e. input, process, output and   storage)
• explain the difference between software and hardware
• identify common input devices (e.g. keyboard, mouse, scanner)
• identify common output devices (e.g. VDU, printer, disk drive)
• explain the function of computer memory
• explain the purpose of backing store
• define disk storage capacity
• describe the uses of common software applications

In is hoped that the site will be further developed so that the student will also be able to:
• explain the ability of computers to communicate with one another e.g.. computer networks, the Internet
• identify instances where the student interacts with computers in everyday life
• recognise the need to care for computer equipment
• practise the safe use of computers
• recognise and avoid potential dangers to health and safety

To assist it should be possible to:

• Use classroom equipment to demonstrate
• Look for examples in local community
• Deal with theory issues as they arise naturally
• Visit to computer store
• Selection of computer magazines
• List of key words posted in classroom and in student's folder
• Post computer room rules on the walls of the room
• Keep a set of dictionaries

Outlines of the project prerequisite skills needed are described here.