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English Language Exercises for Special Needs Students


  Aims and Objectives 


1.To provide English language exercises for special needs             students using a multisensory approach. These exercises
give practice with words that can be confusing in the English             language. (While the site is aimed at special needs students it             may be of use to English teachers in general.)
2.To provide a bank of useful weblinks in the area of Special             Needs.
3.To provide a bank of useful weblinks in the area of English             language.

Objectives: the students should be able to :


1. read and understand each exercise

2. complete the exercise on line

3. complete the exercise in word format and save the completed            exercise in their personal folder

4. complete the exercise in hard copy (Pdf format) as a closed            procedure exercise

5. improve their literacy skills

6. improve the general ICT skills including

                (a) Mouse skills
                (b) Word processing skills particularly their ability to edit,

                      save and print
(c) file management skills.