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Using a Fax

Using E-mail

Using a Mobile Phone


The aim of this project is to enhance the interpersonal communication skills of deaf students using ICT. Communication plays a central role in our lives because it is an essential human need. It is the sole activity that all people share. The deprivation of hearing interferes with the establishment of a communication system between the deaf individual and others in his/her environment.

Interpersonal communication is the communication that occurs between two people. Empathising, accepting an opposing viewpoint, exercising diplomacy, displaying broad-mindedness, being non-judgemental, being firm when necessary, are all skills associated with interpersonal communication. Human interaction is important in all our lives as it allows us to exchange information and share ideas and understandings. Inability to do this can leave an individual isolated and excluded from society. Deaf students, because of their communication difficulties can experience this type of exclusion. This project will use ICT to reduce this isolation factor.

Project description

The project uses three different ways of communicating interpersonally using ICT

  1. Using fax
  2. Using e-mail
  3. Using a mobile phone

Project objectives

It is expected that students who successfully complete this module will be able to:

  • Use ICT to enhance their interpersonal communication skills
  • Apply these skills in human interaction by exchanging information with another user using fax, e-mail and mobile phones.
  • Understand the vocabularly, concepts and language nesessary for this technology interaction.


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