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Know Your Sport Challenge

Task Page


Task Page


1. History of the Sport

2. Outline of the Game

3. Club Profile

4. Player Profile

5. Fitness Requirements

At the end of your mission you will have completed 5 major steps. You will have explored

  1. The history of the sport
  2. The outline of the game
  3. The social aspects of a particular club
  4. The profile of a player within your sport
  5. The physical fitness requirements of your sport

Exploring these is a journey that can be approached in many different ways.
For each step, you will be provided with

  • examples of website that you can visit for information on your chosen sport
  • different means of collecting information for your final report
  • examples of completed projects which you can view for ideas

Your final report will be judged in the following way

  • You must complete and include the Cover Page
  • It will be presented on a ‘Microsoft Word’ document
  • Each section will be completed, with each section clearly marked with headings and sub-headings.
  • There will be at least 5 pictures or graphics on your completed document.
  • Each question will be answered fully.
  • The document must be emailed to your teacher
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