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Know Your Sport Challenge

5. Physical Fitness Requirements


Task Page


1. History of the Sport

2. Outline of the Game

3. Club Profile

4. Player Profile

5. Fitness Requirements


Select the components of physical fitness required to perform at a high level in your chosen game and explain the role each component plays for the player in the game

Key Headings

Select 3 from each list and explain, in detail, why each is necessary in order to perform your chosen sport


    • Your player interview from the previous section will provide details of some of the physical fitness requirements.
    • This information is easily accessed over the internet, use the search engine Google and enter the sport and physical fitness component into the flashing box.
    • Look at the examples below of the physical fitness requirements in 3 different sports.
    • Try to phrase the information in your own words.


The PowerPoint presentation of Physical Fitness Components
The Internet – BBC Physical Education Health and Fitness - Health and Fitness

The player interview from section 4


  Lets see if you have all the criteria..