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Know Your Sport Challenge

4. Player Profile


Task Page


1. History of the Sport

2. Outline of the Game

3. Club Profile

4. Player Profile

5. Fitness Requirements


Select a player of your choice and profile him/her using the following headings:

Key Headings

  • Playing ability – explain what attributes the player possesses that allow him/her to perform at your chosen level (local, national, international).
  • Physical Profile – height, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Achievements within the sports
  • People who have been the biggest influences on him/her
  • Other sport he/she played when younger
  • “A day in the life” – Brief outline of an average day in your players life


    • If the player is playing for a local club, it may be possible to interview him/her using the interview sheet. This will allow you to gather much of the information. A 15 minute interview can provide vast amounts of information.
    • A lot of players have had books written about them. Accessing and reading parts of these can provide you with fantastic information.
    • This information is easily accessed over the internet, use the search engine Google and enter the players name into the flashing box.
    • Look at the examples below of 3 different sportspeople.
    • Try to phrase the information in your own words


Websites about your chosen sportsperson
Books about your chosen sportsperson
Interview with the player if he/she is local, using the interview sheet


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