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Know Your Sport Challenge

3. Club Profile


Task Page


1. History of the Sport

2. Outline of the Game

3. Club Profile

4. Player Profile

5. Fitness Requirements


Select a club of your choice (local, national or international) and complete a portfolio of the club to include:

Key Headings

  • Historical development of the club
  • Club Logo, colours and motto.
  • Club grounds – location, significance to area/region
  • Achievements of the club.
  • Officers of the club & brief description of each officer’s role within the club.
  • Development structure of the club (e.g. underage programme, coaching structures).
  • Past Team Members.
  • Present Team Members.
  • Club Supporters – outline of importance of the club to members & fans.


    • Interview a member of the club using the interview sheet. This will allow you to gather much of the information from a source very close to the club. A 15 minute interview can provide vast amounts of information.
    • A lot of clubs have published books on their club history. Accessing and reading parts of these can provide you with fantastic information.
    • This information is easily accessed over the internet, use the search engine Google and enter the club name into the flashing box.
    • Look at the examples below of 3 different sports.
    • Try to phrase the information in your own words


Websites of your chosen club
History of your chosen club or the person who wrote the club history
Interview with an officer of the club using interview sheet


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