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Know Your Sport Challenge



Task Page


1. History of the Sport

2. Outline of the Game

3. Club Profile

4. Player Profile

5. Fitness Requirements

I play every day

I love it

I feel great when I play

It keeps me fit

I have made lots of friends through my sport

My club is the best

Every student enjoys a particular activity or sport and has been part of a club at some stage.
Maybe, there is a sport that you have only had glimpses of, but which you are interested in.

This is a project which challenges you to find out all there is to know about the sport that you love, or the sport that you want to know more about.

To fulfil this challenge, you can use the huge encyclopaedia which is the Internet to discover answers to the various parts.

Also, there is an opportunity to interview a club member or player to gain a deep view into what their sport or activity means to them.


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