Skeleton & muscles


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1. pairs of muscles that work together but as opposites!!
4. elbow and knee are examples of this type of joint
5. joins muscle to muscle, or bone to bone
6. this bone protects your brain
7. the hip and shoulder joints are examples of ball and ------
8. the functions of the skeleton are support, movement and ----------
10. the smaller bone in the lower leg
11. these allow movement around points in the body
15. the small bones in the backbone are called ---------
16. a "cage" of these protects the lungs and heart
17. there's one in a circle but also one in the lower arm!
18. the only type of joint where bones are actually joined!
19. the larger bone in the lower arm


2. joins a muscle to a bone
3. small, easily broken, bone from side of neck to top of arm
9. not a funny bone, in the upper arm
12. commonly called the shin bone
13. commonly called the hips
14. at the back of the upper body on each side there is a shoulder -----
18. largest bone, called the thigh bone