Heat, Light & Sound


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1. the measure of the hotness of a body
3. heat transferring in rays from a hot body
5. prevents loss of heat
6. what most solids, liquids and gases do when heated
8. transfer of heat in moving currents
9. what most solids, liquids and gases do when cooled
12. heat, light, and sound are all forms
13. transfer of heat from particle to particle in a solid
15. water expands when it -------
16. produced when light is passed through a prism
18. apparatus used in a submarine to see above water
19. light travels in this type of line
22. the separation of the different colours which make up white light
23. for water, this point is 100 degrees


2. light rays being sent back in the direction they came from
3. light rays changing direction as they pass from air to water
4. for ice, this point is 0 degrees
7. reflected sounds
10. heat energy that does not give a change in temperature
11. these objects are a source of light
14. boiling point of water can be effected by a change in --------
17. these are what produce the sounds detected by the ear
19. this is caused if an opaque body blocks light
20. events may be seen before they are -----
21. sound transmission requires this