Magnetism & Electricity


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1. the area round a magnet where it exerts force
4. a light emitting diode
5. opposition to flow of current
6. this type of circuit used for domestic lighting
7. what happens between north and south magnetic poles
9. electricity - but without moving charges
11. allowing the flow of electrons
13. a measure of the energy stored in a battery
14. can cause movement
15. two bulbs connected in line in a circuit are said to be in ------


1. the 230 volts a.c. supplied to uor homes is called the ----- supply
2. prevents transfer of either heat or electrical energy
3. what happens between two similar magnetic poles
4. light-dependent resistor
8. unit of electrical energy used by electricity supply companies
10. a flow of charge in a circuit
12. a device that allows current to flow in one direction only
14. useful everyday application of the heating effect of an electric current