Ecology & micro-organisms


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           15    16            


1. two or more organisms needing the same resources leads to this
4. two types of organism, each doing something positive for the others, is an example of this
5. energy passes through the ecosystem in a food -----
6. all of the surroundings that can affect an organism are said to be its -----------
7. an organism that makes its own food
9. there are three type of micro-organisms - bacteria, virus and -----
10. an organism evolving over time to suit the conditions around it
12. the 'flu and common cold are both illnesses caused by different forms of -----
13. an organism that feeds on dead matter
15. the area in which an organism lives


1. trying to maintain the natural world as it should be
2. organisms too small to be seen are usually called ----- ---------
3. two or more linked food chains become a food ---
5. an organism which cannot make its own food
8. the way humans use living organisms is called -------------
11. anything present in a habitat which should not be there
14. all the organisms and the environment in which they live is called an ---------
16. food poisoning is caused by this form of micro-organism