Classification of substances


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1. The name of the table listing all known elements
4. a technique for separating a mixture of coloured dyes
5. a property of metal - can be beaten into shape
6. metals can do this with heat or electricity
7. liquid changing to gas - a technique for separation
8. a mixture of metals
9. a very weak solution
10. ability to dissolve in water
13. litmus and universal are examples of this
15. a technique that could separation pure water from sea water
16. vinegar is an everyday example
17. a solution that could dissolve no more solute
18. a property of metals - they can be stretched
20. carbon, oxygen, sulfur, hydrogen and nitrogen are examples of this type of elements
21. copper, zinc, aluminium, iron, sikver and gold are examples of this type of element
22. neither acid nor base
23. two or more substances combined but not chemically


1. characteristics of a substance
2. two or more elements chemically combined
3. the measure of acidity, alkalinity or neutrality of a substance
4. a very strong solution
6. alum or copper sulfate may be used to grow these
11. has a shiny surface
12. a technique used to separate suspended solids from liquids
14. caustic soda is an eveyday example of this
19. cannot be broken into other substances
21. exists as either solid, liquid or gas