Body systems


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2. blood contains white cells, red cells and ---------
3. from the lungs, oxygen is taken into the -----------
4. the process which separates waste products from the bloodstream
5. the tiniest blood vessel
9. has a harmful effect on the lungs
10. blood vessel that brings blood towards the heart
12. the heart is divided into four --------
14. the top chamber of the heart
16. the tube that carries urine out of the bladder
17. toxic substance filtered from the blood by the kidney
18. urine is stored here
20. tube leading from each kidney to the bladder
21. the liquid of the blood


1. the lower chambers of the heart
6. the blood supply to the lungs
7. organ that removes urea from the bloodstream
8. large blood vessel leading into the right atrium of the heart
11. products of digestion are -------- into the bloodstream to be circulated round the body
13. 70 b.p.m. is the average adult rate of this
14. blood vessel taking blood away from the heart
15. ------- exchange is the addition of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide from the bloodstream in the lungs
19. the largest blood vessel