Atomic structure & bonding


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1. ionic compounds conduct this
3. these are arranged in a Periodic table
4. bonding in which pairs of electrons are shared
5. the charge on an electron
6. the charge on a proton
8. the neutrally charged particle
11. smallest part of an element that can exist alone
12. for every atom, the amount of protons it has gives its atomic ------
15. the first and smallest element
17. electrons, protons and neutrons are all this type of particle


1. negatively charged particle
2. chemically combined elements form these
7. elements that can have more than one mass number
9. positively charged particle
10. bonding in which electrons are donated
13. the atom diagrams in textbooks are named after this famous Chemist
14. two or more bonded atoms
16. the sum of the potons and neutrons in the nucleus is the realtive atomic ----