This website is designed for use as a resource to prepare students for Leaving Certificate Home Economics (Scientific & Social).This project will attempt to present the theory of vitamins as an interactive presentation through the medium of ICT using ICT to its best advantage.

This project can be used as a teaching resource which can be presented in class by the teacher with the aid of a data projector or students can access it for themselves and learn independantly and work at their own pace.

For variety, it can be useful to alternate between the use of the site as a presentation tool in a whole class teaching situation and individual online use by students.

A selection of on-line quizzes, crosswords, drag and drop exercises, action mazes and worksheets are included to provide a convenient and useful means of revision. Immediate feedback make it a suitable resource to test factual recall of information.
"Hyperlinks" are used throughout the site giving ready access to additional or more up-to-date information.

The PowerPoint slide shows can be used to give a comprehensive introduction or as a revision resource to reinforce learning.

The WebQuests are an ideal resource for a class for Transition Year students to work in teams and develop a broad knowledge and deep understanding of vitamins. The website aims to encourage students to search for and find information for themselves. The idea of "learning by doing" is promoted. The students themselves discover the information required, leading to "self-directed learning".

The use of web-style quizzes (java tests) make it more exciting for students as well as providing a means of assessment for the teacher, as scores are displayed.


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