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This project is aimed at the Mathematics Applications course of the Irish Leaving Certificate Applied. This web-based assignment is of particular benefit to Deaf or Hard of Hearing students as it provides a method of communication not reliant on sound. Deaf students can suffer isolation problems because of misunderstandings. Pricing a holiday online is an ideal application of internet technology to help reduce feelings of isolation.

The topic is Holiday & Travel Maths in Unit 4 of Module 3. This unit covers things like

  • interpreting holiday brochures, travel timetables
  • analysing costs of holidays and comparing the costs with other companies
  • converting currencies to Euro and vice versa
  • preparing a budget for a foreign holiday

I have designed this project to cover the 5th Key Assignment on page 41 of the Maths Applications module descriptor:
"I got information on holidays in a foreign country and prepared a budget for the travel costs, accommodation and spending money I would need. I calculated the total in Euro and converted this into a foreign currency, if necessary, ..."
Click here to download a copy of the Maths Applications module descriptor.