1. WebQuest on the Garda site

  2. WebQuest on the European sites

  3. WebQuest on the Oasis site

WebQuest on Garda Site

By looking at http://www.garda.ie Answer the following questions.


Follow the FAQs Link

  1. Who is the chief commissioner for the Garda?
  2. What does Garda Siochána mean?
  3. In an emergency what two numbers can you ring?
  4. What is the minimum educational requirements necessary to join the Garda Siochána?
  5. What are the physical requirements necessary to join the Garda Siochana?
  6. Why would you need to speak Irish as a member of an Garda Siochána?
  7. Who is the minister for Justice?
  8. How many people are listed on the website as having gone missing in 2004?
  9. In what year did the Dublin Metropolitan police amalgamate with an Garda Siochána?

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Follow the Community link

  1. What is crimecall?
  2. What age do you have to be to apply for an age card?
  3. What are the two "watch schemes"?
  4. What is the website for victim support?
  5. Whose job is it to perform a monitoring role regarding racially motivated crimes?
  6. List one piece of security advice for students for students on campus?

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WebQuest on EU

By looking at the http://www.euireland.ie/ page on the link page. Answer the following questions.

  1. What is this year the European year for?
  2. Where is the office of the European Commission representation in Ireland?

Follow the Ireland and the EU link

  1. Since 1989, how much has Ireland received in EU contributions?

Using the Jump to drop down box go to the Schools Page Link

  1. What does EPIC stand for?

Using the Jump to drop down box go to the EU Legal Rights link

  1. Who provides information to citizens on their rights within the EU?

Site 2 Go to http://www.europarl.eu.int/

  1. How many languages is the web site available in?
  2. How many members do Ireland have in the European Parliament?
  3. How many green MEPs are there in total?
  4. Name the Irish MEPs?
  5. How many political groups are there?
  6. What is the symbol for the Green Party?

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Click on the BACK button and select the Presidents page

  1. Who is the current President of the European Parliament?
  2. Name the former President who was Irish?
  3. What are two functions of the president of the European parliament?

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WebQuest on Oasis

Go to the site http://www.oasis.gov.ie (Online Access to Services Information and Support)
Follow link to Government in Ireland
Follow link to Government and Politics at National Level
Follow the link to President of Ireland
Follow link to Introduction to the President of Ireland

  1. Who is the current president of Ireland?
  2. When was (s)he inaugurated?
  3. Who elects the president?
  4. Who can remove the president from office?
  5. How long is the term of office?
  6. Who assists the President?

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Return to the Government and Politics at National Level link
Follow the link to Composition of the Irish Government

  1. According to the Constitution the Government must not be
    1. smaller than how many menbers?
    2. larger than how many members?
  2. Who is the head of the Irish government?
  3. Who nominates him/her?
  4. Who formally appoints him/her?
  5. What is a government of two political parties called?
  6. What position is given to the leader of the smaller party in a coalition?
  7. Who advises the government on legal issues?

View the list of current Irish Government Ministers.

  1. Find the names of the ministers in your constituency?

Return to the Dáil Éireann link
Follow the link to Work of a TD in Ireland

  1. What does TD stand for?
  2. View the list of TDs and find your local TD?
  3. Who chairs debates in the Dáil?
  4. Name two duties of a TD?
  5. How can voters meet their local TD?
  6. When was a "Code of Conduct" drafted by the members of the Dáil?
  7. What does this Code of Conduct ensure?

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