Irish Elections

A General Election is held every five years to elect TDs (Teachtaí Dála) to the Dáil.

A Bye Election is held in a Constituency when a TD dies or resigns.

European Elections take place every five years to elect Irish representatives to the European Parliament

A Presidental Election takes place every seven years in Ireland to elect a new President

A Referendum is called when it is necessary to change a law or to amend the Constitution

Local Authority Elections are held every five years to elect representatives to the County Council or Urban district council

Running an election

Candidates wishing to be elected in elections are either nominated by a political party or are independent. They must be at least 25 years of age. They then advertise and canvass voters in order to get elected.

A person must be 18 years of age to vote and be listed on the register of electors.

Voters vote by Secret Ballot at a Polling Station

The system of voting in Ireland is known as Proportional Representation . This means that every voter has one vote. Votes can be transferred if the person given number one is voted or elimated, this is why it is important that voters mark their second, third etc. preferences.

A candidate is elected when s/he reaches the Quota - the minimum number of votes required to be elected.

After an election/referendum the ballot boxes are brought to a count centre. The count is supervised by the returning officer.

Tallymen watch the counting of the votes and estimate the outcome of the election/referendum

An Exit Poll is taken as people leave the polling station to guess the outcome of the election/referendum

The Electoral Act, 1992 states that there can be no canvassing outside the Polling station nor can there be any election material displayed.

Irish Constituencies

Each constituency has a number or seats in the Dáil based on the population of the area. There are currently 43 constituencies in Ireland

Irish Constituencies

Activities on Elections

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