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We got the information for this project from a variety of sources - written, oral, and from the Internet




Many of these publications deal with Co. Wexford but you will find similar resource material in every county.

The Hawthorn - various editions (published by Rathgarogue Parochial Committee)

A History of Rathgarogue Schools by Mark Codd

Journal of the Taghmon Historical Society - various editions

Journal of the Wexford Historical Society - various editions

All Our Yesterdays by Declan Hassett

Tales from the Hearth - A Rural Childhood in the 1950's by Kay Colfer

A Wexford Childhood 1915-1930 by Mary Finn

Echoes of Poulpeasty edited by Helen Ashdown

Tomhaggard - A Sacred Place published byTomhaggard Heritage Group

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Grannies and Grandads were delighted to help with the project and tell the children about their childhood. Some children are lucky enough to have great-grandparents still living. They can remember their parents telling them about the Good Old Days and that brings us back to the 19th century. We learned a lot of stuff that even the teachers didn't know!!!

Thanks to everyone who helped with this project by talking to the children and telling them about "The Good Old Days". Also a big thanks to all who loaned us photographs and other items.

Eileen Walsh, John Madigan, Margo Doyle, Margo Dunne, Jack Mernagh, Mary Cullen, Mary Whitty, Arthur West, June West, Mary Sutton, Joan Malone, Daniel Malone, Larry Furlong, Bridie Ralph, Arty Murphy, Mary Gahan, Jim Merrigan.

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The web pages below are a useful source of information on various local history topics. The website of Dungarvan Museum (Co. Waterford) is particularly useful. It contains online books, photographs and downloadable resources.

Starting Points (Co. Wexford)



Threshing Day Remembered

Modern Horse Fairs

Farm Animals

Customs and legends from Clare

Farming in Ardmore 1

Local History Project 1

Story about Wren-Boys from Sligo

Farming in Ardmore 2

Local History Project 2

Traditional Donegal Cottage

Farming in Ardmore 3

Local History Project 3

Placenames and Wedding Lore

Christmas and Wren

Local History Project 4

Children’s Games and Customs
in other Countries

Weather and Cures

Local History Project 5

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