march image Spread the Cyber Chase activities out over a number of weeks.
students in class Divide your class into groups of four.
pirate Allocate a unique 'Pirate' name to each group. You could integrate this activity into an English lesson.
pirate flag
  Get each group to design their own Pirate Flag and emblem.
  Print out this activity record chart for each group.
  Print out this world map for each group.
Tell each group to create their own set of five questions based on each web site. Hold a Q&A session with the whole class after the final group has completed each activity.
Gather all the questions created by students and create a crossword puzzle for the Cyber Chase activity
When students have correctly identified the island at each set of coordinates ask them to produce a short report using headings such as Population, Currency, Language, Flag, Ethnic origins of general population, Physical features, Points of interest for Tourists.
Each site used in Cyber Chase is suitable for students in 5th/6th classes. Web sites change on a regular basis. Every effort will be made to keep the Cyber Chase project up to date. It is strongly advised that you pre-check the activity sites to ensure that the content remains suitable.
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