The idea behind this project is to produce a web quest that will facilitate the integration of the wealth of educational resources on the Internet into the daily curriculum. One of the challenges facing teachers who want to use the Internet in the classroom is identifying quality sites and then integrating them into daily class work.
The Activities
Students have to work through each site collaborating with each other as they try to discover the answers to the various activities.
Students also have to plot their voyage on a world map. This activity involves using latitude and longitude plotting.
  The Web Sites  
The TryScience site contains a wealth of activities to help generate interest in the sciences.  
The Xpedition Hall on the National Geographic site presents information in an informative and interesting way. The parent site is the gateway to a large store of child-friendly educational activities.  
The Kodak site on the Shackelton expedition provides an insight in the curriculum theme of exploration and discovery.  
The Arctic site provides a novel way of examining habitats and the format can be used as a basis for studying other environments, perhaps even an area close to school.  
The Intel site provides an opportunity to introduce students to computer technology.