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This Digital Artefact Project is based on a program that comes from an actual exchange network run through the United States and Canada, whereby classrooms are partnered, and send an actual box of clues to another school. The class decides on the clues to be included in the artefact box. The activity is good in terms of getting the students excited about creating their own clues, and getting some ideas as to how to word, or prepare some of their own artefacts. From this work they learn about their own country and locality. The simulation activity involves 'solving' the mystery, or finding the location of a series of eight clues to a mystery location. From this they learn about the partner school's country.

When complete the ‘Digital Boxes’ are exchanged. The class teachers know the location of the partner school but the children do not. The children then examine each of the ‘artefacts’ received over a period of time and research information about them. From this research the children discover the country, province, city/town of the partner school. The pupils, without realising it, learn about the history, geography and culture of the partner school. The project has been hugely popular in both the States and Canada.

Answers to current missions (Exemplars) to be found here This section is PASSWORD PROTECTED to prevent students from solving the mission without exploring!

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Suggested Artefacts

Click on the link above to view some of the 24 suggested artefacts. These are only suggestions and should not limit the scope or imagination of the pupils involved. Pupil input and choice of artefacts is crucial to the ownership and success of the 'Digital Box'.

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