Mission 2 - James Digital Bond

Welcome back Mr. Bond. Your mission is urgent. All details will be given to you when you check in with Head Quarters. Contact with HQ will be maintained throughout your mission. The clues are tiered into three levels: All level one clues point to the country or continent, level two clues point to our region/province/state and all level three clues point to the city.

When you believe you have the answer, head on over to the Solution Center, press the number that corresponds to the level you are trying to check and type in you response. Press the "Accept" button to see if you are right.

Typing your word in upper and lower case doesn't matter but spelling certainly does. If you get the correct response you will know it. An animation will play. Note that when a correct response is recorded a piano button appears. Press this button to hear a song related to our country/region/city.

To begin your mission click on the Digital Box below. Good luck!


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Mission, Digital
This box of artefacts has been collected by a school in Ireland. Your mission is to examine the artefacts to discover the location of the school. The clues given are divided into three levels; country (fairly obvious now), county and finally town.
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