Welcome to the Digital Artefact Project

This project is aimed at the senior pupils in primary schools. We hope it will inspire both teachers and pupils to create their own 'Digital Boxes' to share with classes from other parts of the world.

The idea comes from an exchange programme in the United States and Canada where classes exchange actual boxes of artefacts with each other and the pupils then examine these artefacts to try discover the location of the partner school. Obviously the teachers know the location of the partner school starting out, but the pupils do not.

With a 'Digital Artefact Box' a virtual box of clues is sent to the partner school. For example, instead of an actual part of a local map, the scanned image is used. Newspaper cuttings, photographs, drawings etc can be scanned and used in the 'Digital Box'. Multimedia files of sound, music and video can also be used. Ideally the children compose all these but many suitable multimedia files are already available. Best of all links to suitable Internet sites can be used to direct pupils in their search. These images and files are put together using software to publish them on the Internet. Microsoft's Front Page or Macromedia's Dreamweaver are two such pieces of software but Word or Publisher will do the trick also.

If the 'Digital Box' is small (less than 2MB) it can be sent as an attachment by email to the partner school. If it is too large or the school only has access to the Internet with a modem then it should be put on a CD or Zip disc and posted by traditional snail mail.

One of the many advantages to a 'Digital Artefact Box' is that pupils have access to it when they go home after school if they have Internet access at home or in their local library. Homework was never such fun before!


  Current Projects for Exploration

Mission D. Possible
This box of artefacts has been collected and presented under the theme of Mission Digital Possible. Your mission is to examine the artefacts to discover the location of the school. The clues given are divided into three levels; country, county and finally town.
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James D. Bond
This box of artefacts has been collected from somewhere in the world. Accepting this mission will lead you far from Ireland to explore foreign landscapes, music, food, buildings and famous people.
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