Help Page for the Digital Artefact Project

To maximize your viewing pleasure be sure to address the following:

Install Flash 6 player
Install QuickTime 4 or better
Install Real Player
Use a javascript compliant web browser

The second Exemplar has some large multimedia files. You will require at least dual band ISDN Internet access to view these particular files. However, the rest of the project is accessible with a 56k modem.

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  What You Need

To investigate a Digital Box: Computer with Internet access, Internet Browser, Sound Card, Video card, Flash 6 plug-in (free, will automatically download when you begin your mission), Quick Time player, Real Player (available here follow the links for the Free Player)

To compile a Digital Box: word processor, digital camera or scanner, imaging editing software like Paint Shop Pro, software to compose web page like Front Page or even Microsoft Word, access to a server to upload your project, enthuastic pupils and teacher!