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Can I copy an image I find on the web and use it in my project?
Just about everything on the web is protected by copyright law, that includes images, music, page content, and multimedia. It's important to understand how copyright affects the content you put on your site and the way you link to other sites. You should assume that content and images you find on the Web are protected by copyright unless the site specifically notes that visitors are free to copy the content. The unrestricted nature of the Internet - which was created to share information - leads many users to think that if they see an image or an article on someone's Web page, then they're free to use it on their own page.

In reality, they're free to use it on their page only if they get permission from the author. However, most sites will allow you to use images etc if they know that it is for a noncommercial or educational site provided that you acknowledge their work. Contact them by email - you will usually get a reply. A credits page is useful in your project.

When I receive my partner's project where can I upload it to if my school doesn't have a dedicated web site?
Many Irish Internet Service Providers provide you with free web space. This is usually in the form of a homepage with an address such as When you sign up for an email address you can also accept webspace. You can call this space (called 'yourname' in the example) any name you wish so think about the address before you sign up. Ideally this name should be short, easy to remember and be relevant to the project.

How can I upload the project to the server?
If you are using Front Page or Dreamweaver, these programs will upload the files for you. However the project of your partner school may have been composed with software that you don't have! However there are many free software programs available to do this for you. A good program to do this is WS_FTP LE available for download at and This can seem a daunting task, but don't despair there is an online tutorial which will walk you through connecting, downloading, modifying, and uploading an actual file using your WS_FTP LE software. After you have uploaded, you will be able to view the modified file using your Web browser. To see the tutorials please click here

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  How can I compress an image without the software?

Make your web pages load as quickly as possible by compressing your images as much as possible. To start with, cut the physical size of the image, getting rid of any unecessary parts of the photo. However, you also need to compress them - what is otherwise called 'optimising' your images. Images should be either saved as JPEGs of GIFs. Never save an image for use on the web as a bitmap image (bmp) - these are far too big.

Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop are two examples of software that will allow you to reduce the size of images but if you don't have these programs, then, check out NetMechanic's online optimiser by clicking here>> will allow you to select an image on your computer or web site, which it will then optimise for use on the web. You can then save it to your computer and replace the original image with it.

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