Currently We Have Two Projects for Exploration

Mission, Digital
This box of artefacts has been collected and presented under the theme of Mission D. Possible. Your mission is to examine the artefacts to discover the location of the school. The clues given are divided into three levels; country, county and finally town.

The mission uses the Mission Impossible music and idea to inspire children. The story begins on the continent of North America. Important information is given early in the investigation that will make sense at the end of the mission.

When you have examined each of the artefacts found in Level 1, then enter your answer in the Password Dialogue Box. Correct spelling is essential! If your conclusion is correct you will gain access to Level 2 to examine the artefacts for this level. Again upon completion of your inspection you will have the chance to gain access to the last level.

To begin this mission click on the title above.

Bond, James Digital
This box of artefacts has been collected from somewhere in the world. Accepting this mission will lead you far from Ireland to explore foreign landscapes, music, food, buildings and famous people.

The theme of the James Bond movies has been chosen for this mission. You can listen to the theme music or skip straight to the mission. Help is always available. Use the HQ link. All levels of this mission are accessible at any time. This may mean that clues from level 3 are examined before Level 1. However it is best to examine the clues starting at Level 1 and then progressing to each of the following levels.

To begin this mission click on the title above.

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