Bear these tips in mind when you are designing your web project and you won't go far wrong.

It is difficult to read lines of text that stream from one side of a page to the other. Break up your text into columns to make it easier on the eye. Most professionally designed sites use this technique.

Type Faces
Don't have too many different type faces. As a rule of thumb, don't use any more than three different fonts across your entire Web Project.

Always go for fonts that are clear and easy to read. Remember you may find a font that looks great on your computer, but chances are, that many other people who visit your project may not have this font on their computer.

Cool Colours
Try to choose a colour scheme that reflects the purpose of your site. Don't use too many colours - around three or four at the most. Remember, brighter and bolder isn't always better. Remember that children tend to pick these colours!

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  Background Colours

Be careful when choosing a background colour for your project. If you have a lot of text it must be easy to read, so don't choose heavy patterns or yellow writing on green.




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