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Teachers Section

This project is aimed at the more capable students in sixth class. It is not easy and is so designed. Please do not spoon feed the pupils with any of the clues as they will gain more if they work out the clues for themselves even if it takes a number of lessons. Collaboration and discussion between pupils is actively encouraged. I shall be delighted to publish the names of all pupils who complete this project. Children's comments will also be published. A special word of thanks to the pupils of five schools who tested this project in the classroom (or computer room).

Children will benefit most from this project if the Strand Unit: Number Theory is taught in the classroom first and if the project is taken in parallel with the Strand Unit: The Renaissance in SESE.

Curriculum Areas addressed:

Fifth & Sixth Classes
Strand : Number
Strand Unit: Number Theory

SESE History
Fifth & Sixth Classes
Strand : Eras of Change & Conflict
Strand Unit: The Renaissance

Visual Arts
Fifth & Sixth Classes
Strand : Paint & Colour
Strand Unit: Painting: Looking & Responding

Fifth & Sixth Classes
Strand :
Strand Unit: