Visual Arts in Primary School:

Looking at & Responding to . . Construction

Berlaymont Building Brussels Architect Lucien Devestel

Looking at & Responding to .... Construction ... Building Detective....What is this building? Is it a wind turbine?

Look at the photograph on the right. Perhaps it does look like part of a wind turbine. Compare this photograph with the wind turbine below. What have the photographs in common?

What do you think this steel structure is used for?


Gerberettes used to support the dteel frame of the building

This is a wind turbine. It is 60m high and is found near Mount Leinster,The Blackstairs Mountains, Ireland

This wind turbine is used to generate electricity. The blades of the wind turbine look a little like the gerberettes which are used to support the steel frame of the building our tourist visited. However, where is this picture taken? Wind turbines are built on top of mountains and hills and out at sea. Why?

Is it a ship?

Is it a ship? Perhaps?

Could it be an oil refinery?

Is it an oil refinery?

Could it be a glass factory?

Is it a glass factory?

Could it be a famous office block?

Is it an office block?

It is not a giant wind turbine

It is not a wind turbine!

Could it be a roller coaster?

Is it a roller coaster?

When you have studied all the postcards you should be able to answer the questions in the Quiz

Do you know the name of the famous building already? Find out!